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The majority of people with bustling activities are prone to unhealthy lifestyle habits such as eating fast food, junk food, drinking soda, and lack of exercise. This could lead to an excess in mineral acids which makes your body more prone to various diseases, from mild to chronic ones, weakens your immune system, and triggers obesity. A stack of mineral acid can also slow down cell regeneration process.

According to a Korean researcher and water structure expert, Dr Mu Shik Jhon, hydrogen water is superior to ordinary water due to its tiny molecules. When consumed, ionized hydrogen water is able to flow easily into your body cells, helping you absorb nutrients and eliminate toxins from your body on account of poor dietary habits. Furthermore, according to a cardiac surgeon and director of Water Institute in Tokyo, Dr Hidemitsu Hayashi, a heap of mineral acids caused by poor dietary habits can remain in the body for decades. However, this can be minimized by drinking ionized alkaline water. He explains that ionized alkaline water can steadily reduce excessive mineral acids in your body.

Hydro-Gen Fontaine, a health-support device which ionizes and transforms mineral water into hydrogen and alkaline water. This device is equipped with a special ceramic filter unit from Far InfraRed (FIR) and tourmaline stone, thus it has the ability to increase hydrogen storage in water. Hydrogen particles in Hydro-Gen Fontaine’s water has lighter molecules and can infiltrate into mitochondria, an organelle found in cells wherein the biochemical process of respiration occurs as well as a place where free radicals are formed. With its simple and trendy design, Hydro-Gen Fontaine is ready to use at anytime and anywhere!

Retail Price

Rp 3.800.000,-

Besides its function as a drinking bottle, Hydro-Gen Fontaine also has multiple effectiveness, such as:

  • Practical water ionizing process which will be ready in 2 minutes.
    Hydro-Gen Fontaine is able to electrolyze water in very short time and you can directly drink it.
  • The product water is rich of hydrogen and alkali.
    Not only hydrogen water, but Hydro-Gen Fontaine can also produce alkaline water which is good for health.
  • Up to 30 times usage in a fully charged battery.
    Hydro-Gen Fontaine can be used 10 up to 30 times in a row after the battery is fully charged. Hydro-Gen Fontaine can also be applied with other mineral water bottles.
  • The filter unit uses Bio-Ceramics and works actively with Far Infrared (FIR) and tourmaline stone.
    The water filter in Hydro-Gen Fontaine works actively and enhances the capacity of hydrogen storaged in the water.

Hydro-Gen Fontaine Certification

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