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A Health-Support Device to Fight Skin Disease
Hydrogen water has a myriad of health and beauty benefits. This is proved by a research involving around 3,673 patients aged 14-81 in South America General Hospital, showing a rapid recovery process for patients who drink 2-3 litres of hydrogen water every day.

Meanwhile, in terms of beauty benefits, hydrogen water plays an important role as an antiaging. Hydrogen water prevents skin degenerative process such as wrinkles, rough skin, dark spots, as well cures skin disease.

LiveWell Global presents Esteau, a health and beauty supporting device originated from South Korea. Esteau is specially made to help clean your clogged pores and hydrate your skin with pure water. The technology in Esteau is able to transform ordinary water into hydrogen water, so it is safe for any skin types and has no side effects.

Retail Price

Rp 2.900.000,-

Hydro-Gen Estéau Benefits

  • The technology applied in Estéau has been patented in South Korea, the United States, Japan, and China.
  • It has an international patent, special for generating Hydrogen Sterilizing Water Unit PCT/KR2015/009442.
  • Practical and portable.
  • Nano Hydrogen Water in Estéau is up to 800ppb.
  • It can be used for up to 30 times on a single charging.
  • It can be refilled with beauty water, mineral water, and ordinary water.
  • It has a magnet cap which can be used for facial massager.

Hydro-Gen Estéau Certification

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